How to use my Unturned permissions maker

Jun 14, 2023

You may or may not have seen my tools website come up recently with the Unturned permissions maker tool being one of the tools

I designed this tool so that anyone can become an Unturned server developer quick and easy. First of all, you need to open it up here.

From here you will see a default permission group, you can also upload existing permission groups if you wish using RocketMods permission file

The first option is to set the default group, this is the ID of the group you want everyone to have on join

Every single permission group has their own values that you can set like ID, Display Name, Color, Prefix, Permissions and even members.

You can remove certain permission groups from your list by hitting the "remove group" at the bottom of the group. All permissions and members also have their own remove button symolised by a red X

From here, you can add groups at the bottom of the page

Once you are done with your permission groups, you can click Create File at the bottom of the page, whilst writing there is only rocketmod.

The file may take a second to generate depending on how long your permission groups are or how many you have

Once made, you will be prompted to download in big characters, you can't miss it. From there it should download a file once clicked.

Thank you for using my tool